Ten Destinations For Your Honeymoon

The pre-wedding jitters are long gone, the bachelor’s party is no longer the bride’s main concern, the dress was fabulous and everybody enjoyed the party. Even nature was on your side: you had a beautiful sunny wedding day. Now you can relax and enjoy your partner’s company without having to worry about the guests, their accommodations or anything else for that matter. And yes, your boss and other work related stuff are included! Worrying about deadlines and the economic crisis is a big “no-no” on your honeymoon. And that is the only thing you should focus on right now. And since location is everything, here is a list of great places to choose from.

If you and your spouse are both in love with the sea then you should definitely consider honeymoon packages that include a beach resort. Visit the sandy powdery beaches in Bora Bora, for instance. This small island in French Polynesia is surely a dream honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Bora Bora is known for its tranquil ambiance but tourists also may participate in recreational activities such as boating, swimming windsurfing, jet skiing or scuba diving. That sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

But how does “azure waters, white sand beaches, unmatched tranquil atmosphere combined with colorful culture and delicious dishes” sound? The place matching such a great description is Barbados. This Caribbean island attracts honeymooners from all parts of the world. The incredible scenery certainly plays an important role in the island’s attraction but the fact that weather is always sunny makes Barbados the perfect choice for winter honeymoons.

If you are looking for a more secluded location but you are still hang up on the Caribbean, Aruba is the place for you. It provides ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling without excluding shopping, dining and clubbing.

Feel like eloping somewhere far off the coast of Africa? Seychelles is a good choice for those with an adventurous spirit. Its magical islands offer honeymoon couples an unforgettable experience. With its white powdery beaches and top class honeymoon resorts, Seychelles is a good destination for those whom want privacy and seclusion during their honeymoon. Just keep in mind that all that dining on the beach is quite expensive.

Mauritius ranks high in every “top honeymoon destinations” list. That is mostly because it represents the perfect combination of white sand beaches and mountains, nature reserves and wildlife parks. Other reasons for people to consider it an unique destination are the delicious local dishes and the wonderful nightlife experience it provides.

Thailand made it into the “top ten honeymoon destination” recently. Great beaches, serene atmosphere, exotic locals and, of course, that delicious Thai cuisine attract newlyweds from all continents. Most popular destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, and Koh Samui Island.

Tired of all these sunny beaches sceneries? Then how about some mountain tops covered in snow? Austria is the country; Vorarlberg and Tirol are the popular areas. You could also consider skiing in Salzburg province, Upper Austria and Carinthia. Kitzbhel and Lech are the jet-set resorts. Those traveling on a low budget might enjoy cross-country skiing quite a lot. When done with those winter sports, art enthusiasts can enjoy Vienna┬┤s numerous museums and art galleries.

In the mood for some Victorian Gothic architecture? Then how about a trip to England? Forget about London, everybody goes there. Try something different, perhaps Birmingham. Believe it or not, “the workshop of the world” has had a vibrant and varied musical history over the last century. The city is often described as the birthplace of heavy metal music and in the 1970s also saw the rise of reggae. And, while you are there, why not go check out Warwick Castle, National Motor Museum or Shakespeare┬┤s House?

Romance can be reveled in any environment, right? If that’s the case, who says you can’t ignore all those “Top Ten” and your travel agent’s advice and choose an unusual destination for your honeymoon. New York is great in any season: frenetic nightlife, all sorts of cultural attractions and some serious shopping opportunities.

Your honeymoon must be unforgettable and, of course, unique. Then why go for the crowded places? Why not choose a more unusual destination, such as Suriname. Only a few even know this country exists and that’s precisely what makes it attractive. Suriname is located in South America. It’s a luring mix of linguistic diversity and eccentric architecture. It’s everything you would expect for a former Dutch colony to be. Add its rain forest and fledgling ecotourism industry and there you have it: a great honeymoon destination for the adventurous newlyweds. Plus, can you imagine people’s faces when they realize they haven’t even heard about the place you chose for this special getaway? Priceless!