Trip to the Arches

Want a trip to the arches? This might be what you are looking for! A perfect destination for campers, bikers, hikers and rock enthusiasts, the Arches National Park will be a splendid outdoor recreation for you, your family and friends. With over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the Arches National Park can be found in Utah and is known for its distinctive geological characteristics and rock formations. Its most famous Delicate Arch has become one of the symbols of Utah. Its unique shape continues to attract tourists and drivers to the park.

Aside from the Delicate Arch, the Devil’s Garden, Fiery Furnace, Balanced Rock, and Dark Angel are some of the notable features in the national park. Thick layers of salt bed were deposited under the area of the park when sea water still reached the region millions of years ago, which resulted to the rock formations.

When the arches were first discovered, it was made into a national monument through a presidential proclamation of President Herbert Hoover to protect the rocks, sandstones and other geologic formations for educational and scientific purposes. Tourism was promoted for the Arches under the term of President Franklin Roosevelt. The area of the Arches National Monument then widened through time. However during the term of President Richard Nixon, the monument was made into a national park but while reducing the total area of the geologic attraction.

At present, tourists enjoy the scenic views and the variety of recreational activities which can be done in the park. Climbing on the Arches is regulated though. It is prohibited climbing in some areas of the park but other activities such as camping, touring, hiking, biking and backpacking are allowed on specific areas.

Is Travel Insurance Really Worth the Money?

With all of the additional fees and taxes that added to all of our travel bookings and purchases. Do we really want to spend the extra money on a travel insurance policy?

So what exactly is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Trip Cancellation or interruption insurance protects you if your trip is canceled or delayed because of some unforeseen event, such as the financial failure of the cruise line, airline, or travel agency; bad weather; illness; or death.

Medical Coverage – Can supplement your existing health coverage and may include coverage for emergency care. This may be helpful when you’re traveling abroad, since some health insurance providers do not cover you while traveling overseas, or they may provide only limited coverage. If you were on a cruise ship for example, and had to be evacuated off the ship because of a medical emergency, there are coverages that would protect you from the cost of the air ambulance.

Baggage Insurance – Reimburses you if you luggage is lost or delayed.So, is travel insurance is worth the money? Take these things into consideration before you decide one way or another.

* If your trip were canceled or the tour operator went out of business, could you afford to lose the money you paid for the trip?

* If you fell ill while vacationing in a foreign country, would your health insurance cover you? If not, could you afford to pay for your medical expenses?

* If your luggage were lost, could you afford to purchase everything you would need to continue your trip?

With the cost of most travel polices being so nominal, I personally feel that having peace of mind while on my trip is well worth the cost spent on the policy. Insurance providers provide free quotes and you can usually find coverages starting at $30 refers to various types of specialized insurance coverage you can buy to protect yourself against the many risks you may face as a traveler. There are many types of travel insurance – coverages, costs and terms differ with every policy and carrier.

Easy Weight Loss For Teens – 5 Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

The best time to learn to live a healthy lifestyle is now in your teen years. Your teen years are the easiest time to lose unwanted weight and learn how to keep it off. I will show you some easy weight loss for teens tips that you can use for life to stay fit and trim.

I know how hard it is to lose weight but as a teenager it is easier to lose weight now rather than later in life. The older you get the harder it is to lose weight. Your metabolism slows down the older you get leaving you gaining weight if you do not learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

The first weight loss tip for teenagers is to get off the video games, computer, couch, and stop starring at the TV screen. You need to get up and get busy. Play sports or go for a walk around town with friends. Do anything that gets you up moving. Playing Wii or Kinect is OK if you are actively moving and getting your heart rate up.

The second tip for teenagers is to put down the sugary drinks. This includes Kool-Aid, soda, fruit drinks, and sports drinks. Drink more water than anything. Even diet soda is not good for you and does aid in losing weight. Add some lemon to your water if you need some flavor. You need to have your daily supply of milk but make sure it is 1% milk or nonfat skim milk.

The third weight loss tip for teens is to stop eating fast food, chips, sweets, candy, anything that is high in fat and calories. If you need something sweet try a flavored yogurt. I know that teens love all these foods but they are not good for you and you can do without. Try hitting up Subway instead of the burger shop.

The fourth tip for teens is stop eating when you are not hungry. Adult and teens alike enjoy eating while they are bored or because others are eating. If you are not hungry then do not eat.

The fifth weight loss tip for teens is to eat less. I know that this is easier said than done, I get that, but taking it day by day will make it easier. Reduce your food intake a little bit every day rather than all at once if this is easier for you. In a week or two you should be eating a lot less than you are today.

Follow these 5 weight loss tips for teenagers and you will see a change in your weight. The sooner you start exercising, drinking more water, and eating less more nutritious foods the sooner you will begin to loss the weight.