10 Tips for Writing Better Poetry

Have you ever had trouble with writing great poetry? Are you looking to develop your craft, and become better at what you write? These ten tips can help you on the road to getting the results you want.

Tip #1.) Remember, everyone is different. Your poetry, or creative work will be different from everyone else’s. Don’t be too critical with your work, and try to avoid comparing yourself.

Tip #2.) Be honest with yourself. Do you have the ability to write great poetry? Some people are just born creative. It is completely OK to not be the next Shakespeare. If you need help in determining this, grab a buddy that you know will be honest with you, or a group of buddies.

Tip #3.) Now that see where you stand, you can hone the style that YOU have, and not styles that others have. You can develop your own hooks or styles that uniquely sets you apart from others. Say you have a way you like to express certain words. You can write that way. You could misspell words to make it edgy. Whatever you can come up with to set you apart, and not be another follower, will help you be better. Different is always better in my opinion.

Tip#4.) Write about what you are able to write about. Some people hit the bull’s-eye with writing fiction, while others are pros at non-fiction. Some people are born with left brains, and some with right brains. Yes, I do believe you can pump your right brain up with some practice, but I’d say: STICK WITH YOUR STRENGTHS! If you are left brained, figure out what left brained people are best at writing, then do that.

Tip#5.) If you are attempting to be more creative, and you have determined you have a creative mind, now we can start doing things that help to bring your creative side out more. Practice coming up with scenarios, start dreaming. Get your head in the clouds a little bit. Write down short stories, or whatever you can to get in your groove.

Tip#6.) Modify existing styles of poetry, or create your own structures of poetry. You could mix styles too!

Tip#7.) Join an online poetry website that has classes, or a body that can critique your work. I’d be careful with this one though. Yes, on one hand, people can give you great tips, however, realize that they are speaking to you from their perspective as well, and may not like your style. Some people, and some styles just do not mix well. If you get a bad review, look at their work. You may not like theirs!

Tip#8.) I’m really big on finding, and working on strengths. If you can tell a story with your poetry, do that. If you are good at teaching, maybe an informative poem might be a good idea to write. There are all different types out there, anywhere from Christian to poems from aliens from Mars. (I bet if I looked that up online, I’d probably find it LOL.) Find your niche.

Tip#9.) Find yourself an environment conductive to the style of poetry you are writing. If you are wanting to write a peaceful piece, go somewhere you can get in the zone, and become peaceful. Prepare yourself for your piece, and get in optimal surroundings.

Tip#10.) If all of these tips didn’t help flush things out, and steer you in the right direction, keep searching for ways to improve your craft from any other source you can. Talk with friends, teachers, look online and do all you can to grow. Attend seminars, and practice, practice, practice! You can do it!!