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Is Travel Insurance Really Worth the Money?

With all of the additional fees and taxes that added to all of our travel bookings and purchases. Do we really want to spend the extra money on a travel insurance policy?

So what exactly is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Trip Cancellation or interruption insurance protects you if your trip is canceled or delayed because of some unforeseen event, such as the financial failure of the cruise line, airline, or travel agency; bad weather; illness; or death.

Medical Coverage – Can supplement your existing health coverage and may include coverage for emergency care. This may be helpful when you’re traveling abroad, since some health insurance providers do not cover you while traveling overseas, or they may provide only limited coverage. If you were on a cruise ship for example, and had to be evacuated off the ship because of a medical emergency, there are coverages that would protect you from the cost of the air ambulance.

Baggage Insurance – Reimburses you if you luggage is lost or delayed.So, is travel insurance is worth the money? Take these things into consideration before you decide one way or another.

* If your trip were canceled or the tour operator went out of business, could you afford to lose the money you paid for the trip?

* If you fell ill while vacationing in a foreign country, would your health insurance cover you? If not, could you afford to pay for your medical expenses?

* If your luggage were lost, could you afford to purchase everything you would need to continue your trip?

With the cost of most travel polices being so nominal, I personally feel that having peace of mind while on my trip is well worth the cost spent on the policy. Insurance providers provide free quotes and you can usually find coverages starting at $30 refers to various types of specialized insurance coverage you can buy to protect yourself against the many risks you may face as a traveler. There are many types of travel insurance – coverages, costs and terms differ with every policy and carrier.

Asia Travel – Seeing Vietnam by Train

No matter where a person may go, seeing the country while traveling by train is spectacular. When traveling by train the traveler can sit back and relax and let someone else do the driving. For longer trips, the travel can spend a little more money and get a sleeping accommodations. Trains usually provide a dining car or someplace to purchase snacks and a drink. From the train a traveler can see sights that they wouldn’t be able to see when travel by car or plane. This article is about Asia travel through Vietnam on a train.

Traveling by train can be one of the cheapest ways to travel. When traveling in Vietnam, the traveler has a choice of trips that they can take by train as they do their Asia travel. All trips listed leave out of Hanoi and travel to different destinations throughout Vietnam. One trip leaves Hanoi and travels to Lao Cal with final destination being in Sapa. Another leaves Hanoi and travels through Haiphong with its final destination in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. Another train goes from Hanoi through several towns with final destination in Saigon. All of these train have sleeper accommodations for the travelers relaxation. Some of these train trips take less time than flying since they don’t have to wait in crowded airports waiting for their flights or for their baggage to be unloaded. In fact when traveling from Hanoi to Hue City, the traveler can leave Hanoi in the evening and arrive in Hue City in the morning refreshed and ready to see the sights.

No matter what train trip the traveler chooses to take in their Asia travel across Vietnam they are going to see some spectacular sights. Reportedly there are many sights to see between Hanoi and Saigon. One of the most spectacular sights that the traveler will see as they travel through the Vietnam countryside is the views along the Hai Van Pass. As they go through this pass the traveler can see the beautiful bays and islands that make up coast line between Hue and Danang. As they travel through this part of their journey to Saigon, the train starts to climb into the hills that lead into the mountains. During this part of the journey, passengers are allowed to sit atop the train and enjoy the view as the train slowly winds through the mountain.