Best Family Friendly Hotels in Phuket

As a Thailand travel guide and online hotel booking agent, we are often asked where the best places are for families to stay in Phuket.

The fact is, Phuket offers a myriad of family friendly hotels with professionally managed kids clubs where younger guests are entertained with age appropriate, fun activities. This gives mom and dad some free time to explore the riches of the island while knowing their little ones are not only safe and taken care of, but are also enjoying their own holiday to the fullest.

Hotels also offer family orientated accommodation in the form of two, three and up to five bedroom units to accommodate larger families. We will discuss a few recommended family friendly hotels in Phuket below to take some of the guess work out of choosing one.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Holiday Inn Phuket is a four star hotel located toward the southern tip of Patong Bay, with only a street between the hotel and the beach. These guys really go out of their way to make the kids feel at home and to create a family friendly environment and atmosphere. The kids club with a railway theme depicting a ride from the mountain to the sea offers TV, playstation, arts & crafts, games karaoke corner and much more.
Outside are two dedicated kids’ pools, complete with slider, water cave, water guns and whale and turtle statuary.

The Kid’s Club designed for the under 12’s, offers daily activities like play dough and clay making, while young guests from 12-19 can make new friends at the parent-free Club 12 Plus. All activities are supervised by professional staff.

Accommodation options include the “Kids Suite” a room within your room furnished with their own toy box, playstation, TV and video. Family suites consist of a superior king size room connected to pirate themed kids room.

Centara Kata Resort

Centara Kata Resort Phuket is part of the well known and trusted Centara Group of hotels & resorts and, as the name suggests, located in Kata Beach. Centara Kata believes that if the kids are enjoying their holiday, then so are their parents. Centara Kata Resort offers a professionally run kids club and camp safari for kids aged 4 to 9 where children have to opportunity to participate in as many activities as possible and actually get rewarded for their participation.

The E-Zone offers the latest in entertainment in a separate area for teen’s aged 10 to 17, so they are not mixed with the young kids. E-Zone is equipped with a selection of Video Games Stations such as PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, computer games, etc.

Accommodation options at Centara Kata include the family suite which accommodate up to 5 persons and a two bedroom family suite accommodating up to 7 persons. The price for the room is based on the number of persons occupying the room.

Centara Karon Resort

Another hotel in the Centara group located in Karon Beach, offers a deluxe family studio which can accommodation up to two adults and three children, as well as a two bedroom suite. Once again Camp Savari and E-Zone is ready to entertain the kids.

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket

This well known five star hotel located in Bang Tao Bay, a slightly quieter area than Patong or even Karon, Dusit Thani Laguna has a delightful kids club which include a games room, library, and playground. Kids having their birthdays while staying at Dusit Thani have a party organized for them especially with birthday cake and party snacks, compliments of the hotel.

Accommodation options include the Laguna Pool Villa which offers a master and a twin-queen bedroom with adjoining spacious bathrooms, styled for seclusion and luxury on the ground floor. On 2nd floor, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, a patio and on rooftop deck, outdoor shower and infinity pool makes this a fantastic family option.

Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket

Another five star option in Bang Tao Beach where dad has a golf course on his doorstep. The VIK Club (Very Important Kids Club) provides daily children’s entertainment, games and crafts and playground to contribute to an exiting kids holiday. Lucky and Lilly, the resort’s baby elephants, pay their daily visits and play with the little ones and the young at heart. VIK Club is complimentary for in-house guests aged 4-12 years.

Accommodation options include the Island Villa Two Bedroom and three bedroom Private Pool Villa which can accommodate a family of 6 persons.

Anantara Phuket Villas

Anantara Phuket is a five star oasis located in quieter and tranquil Mai Khao Beach. Anantara Phuket introduces the Turtle Club where experienced coordinator plans entertainment and educational projects to introduce children to arts and crafts, nature and games. Room options include the 180 square meter Lagoon Pool Villa and 186 square meter Sala Pool Villa.

The Bel Air Resort & Spa

This 4 star bordering 5 star resort is located in Cape Panwa, to the south eastern corner of Phuket and close to Phuket City. Kids World provides separate play rooms for kids of different ages offering a host of facilities such as a play house & slide, making your own T-shirt, costume parties and much more. With no minimum age requirement, this is an enclosed sanctuary where the small kids can occupy themselves in a fun & safe environment.

For the teens, there is the Chill Zone. Here playstations with a wide selection of games, 3-D interactive entertainment, a fuss ball table and juice bar with funky seating all in a self contained environment, offers the coolest environment.

At the private theatre room with 48″ HD flat screen TV, top notch surround and bean bags for comfortable seating, teens and anyone else who wishes to show up can watch the latest movie hits.

What is the Right Cat Food For Urinary Problems? Find Out Now

What is the right kind of cat food for urinary problems? This is something every cat owner should know. By giving your cat the right kind of food, you can make sure it stays healthy for a long time. This is true especially in the case of urinary infections. Let me tell you what you need to do as a cat owner to help your cat stay away from urinary problems.

First of all, you need to understand the way a cat’s body works. As you know, cats usually feed on mice. What many people do not know is that nearly 3/4th of a mouse’s body is nothing but water. So, cats, by nature, are designed to eat food that contains high water content. It is nature’s way to keeping them hydrated adequately. This is the reason why you do not see cats that live in the wild get urinary tract infections or other such problems. In other words, food with high water content is the best cat food for urinary problems.

Now, think about the kind of food that most cat owners feed their cats – commercial processed pet food which is full of artificial chemicals, coloring agents, preservatives, and other such things which are not needed for the cat’s body at all. Most importantly, most of these commercial pet foods are dry. So, by making your cat eat this kind of food every day, you are literally making it vulnerable for urinary problems. Now, let us come back to the question – what is the right kind of cat food for urinary problems? Let me tell you.

Start by limiting the amount of processed food your cat eats. Switch to unprocessed, raw food which is ideal for your cat’s health. Unlike processed food, raw food does not alter the pH of cat’s urine and hence it is safe for cats. This is why it is considered the best cat food for urinary problems. Also, give your cat lots of high quality canned food with high water content. Above all, make sure your cat drinks plenty of clean water. Since tap water is badly contaminated with a variety of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and poisonous chemicals, it could be harmful to your cat’s health. So, make sure you give your cat plenty of clean, filtered water to drink.

Apart from giving the right food, you can give your cat some natural health supplements which will strengthen its urinary system and prevent urinary problems. From my experience, I can safely say that homeopathic medications are the best choice. They are effective, safe, and cheap as well. They can treat infections very effectively and prevent recurring infections as well. So, a regular dose of these healthy, natural supplements will make your cat a lot stronger for sure.

I hope the article answered the question ‘what is the right kind of cat food for urinary problems’. It is very simple – give your cat plenty of raw food to eat, clean water to drink, and a regular dose of natural health supplements. This will make sure your fluffy cat stays disease-free for a long time.

New Zealand – A One of a Kind Vacation Destination

New Zealand is one of the most unique places on Earth. Renowned for its extremely unique flora, fauna, and culture, New Zealand promises to be one of the most special travel spots for you and your family. It has also become more affordable than ever. The United States Dollar is worth more than New Zealand currency, making the money you put into your trip go a lot farther. After packing some suitcases and getting your passport, all it takes is a reservation aboard one of New Zealand’s special airplanes, and you’re off. If you are looking for the travel spot that has it all, from skiing to suntanning on the beach, New Zealand has it.

Made up of the North and South Islands, New Zealand seems to be able to pack all landscapes into two tiny islands. From glittering beaches to snow capped mountains, New Zealand’s ecological landscape holds so many opportunities for adventure. There are simply too many famous attractions of all different types available in New Zealand, and picking the ones perfect for your vacation is completely personal, as you will never lacking in options. Getting your passport and getting your family there will show you just how much there is to do.

New Zealand is a very isolated location at about 1250 miles from its closest neighbor, Australia. Due to its extreme isolation, New Zealand has become home to some of the strangest animals on Earth, including the kiwi bird, Hector’s dolphin, and a lizard that looks like a miniature dinosaur, the tuatara. New Zealand is famous for its bird population, much of which has become flightless due to the aforementioned isolation. The world’s largest bird, the moa, though now extinct, stood at nine feet tall and was preyed upon by the world’s largest eagle, the Haast’s eagle, which is also extinct. Although these species provide a glimpse into the biodiversity of New Zealand, you and your family are promised to encounter a huge variety of birds that range from friendly and playful to strange and goofy.

New Zealand is home to even more than beautiful flora and unique fauna. Located on one of the most geologically active sights in the world, some of the strangest natural phenomena are visible in New Zealand, including geothermal pools, underwater volcanoes you can walk through, huge glaciers, and active geysers and volcanoes. New Zealand, being the youngest landmass on Earth, will give you and your family a glimpse into Earth’s past. All of these sites promise to give you an experience that you will never forget.

Aggression: How to DEAL With It

Aggression – a physical or verbal behavior intended to cause harm – is a part of every culture and society. It would not be wrong to say that aggression has its roots in the primal ages. If one looks around to observe aggression in our cultural context, one can identify multiple examples of both hostile and instrumental aggression. While hostile aggression is ‘driven by anger and performed as an end in itself’, instrumental aggression is more about getting a desired end result.

In our cultural context when people are extremely agitated by load shedding of electricity, and gas, they come out on the roads protesting. The violent protest when people damage public properties, shout, and fight the forces stopping them, is an example of instrumental aggression. The reason being that people want some resolution on the issues they are annoyed and angry about.

An example that takes place in almost every household is when the earning male of the household comes home and becomes aggressive over dinner which he does not like. After shouting or scolding the aggression normally vanishes. This is an example of hostile aggression, as after letting out the anger the person reverts to the normal behavior.

Be it road aggression, office, political, religious or authoritative aggression, it always has a cause. Aggression can be a result of frustration. Usually when one sets high goals and is unable to achieve them, causes the person a feeling of defeat and frustration. This frustration further leads towards aggression, either hostile or instrumental.

Aggression in our cultural context can be related to the genes or genetics. If one surveys the ancestors of this land, we can notice that many of them were involved in wars, fights, dominance and power issues. The names of Halaku Khan and Bulbin are evident exemplifications of aggression. So it can be stated that people in our culture are genetically more aggressive.

Aggression is also said to be learned behavior, as children and people in general imitate their surrounding people. It is a usual observation in our culture that children who play fighting games tend to be more restless, hyper and usually involved in fights with fellows.

Another issue prominent in our culture is encouraging male domination. Boys from a very young age are seen to be confident, brave, given guns to play with and allowed to use bad language even. This increases aggression among the males as they keep up with their dominating behavior. Heat, pain, mental pressures and socioeconomic pressures are also a few leading reasons that influence aggression among individuals in our culture.

When one considers the question of how to control aggression, the simple answer would be to eliminate the causes. Encourage people to keep attainable goals, so as to increase the chances of getting the desired results. This will reduce frustration, and will not produce any aggression.

Another way to deal with an aggressive person is to not to give in for aggressive behavior. Reward non-aggressive behavior, as it will be reinforcing it and so lowering aggression. Provide children with a healthier environment, in which physical activity is an important part. Conclusively, aggression can be controlled by removing all the causing factors.