Trip to the Arches

Want a trip to the arches? This might be what you are looking for! A perfect destination for campers, bikers, hikers and rock enthusiasts, the Arches National Park will be a splendid outdoor recreation for you, your family and friends. With over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the Arches National Park can be found in Utah and is known for its distinctive geological characteristics and rock formations. Its most famous Delicate Arch has become one of the symbols of Utah. Its unique shape continues to attract tourists and drivers to the park.

Aside from the Delicate Arch, the Devil’s Garden, Fiery Furnace, Balanced Rock, and Dark Angel are some of the notable features in the national park. Thick layers of salt bed were deposited under the area of the park when sea water still reached the region millions of years ago, which resulted to the rock formations.

When the arches were first discovered, it was made into a national monument through a presidential proclamation of President Herbert Hoover to protect the rocks, sandstones and other geologic formations for educational and scientific purposes. Tourism was promoted for the Arches under the term of President Franklin Roosevelt. The area of the Arches National Monument then widened through time. However during the term of President Richard Nixon, the monument was made into a national park but while reducing the total area of the geologic attraction.

At present, tourists enjoy the scenic views and the variety of recreational activities which can be done in the park. Climbing on the Arches is regulated though. It is prohibited climbing in some areas of the park but other activities such as camping, touring, hiking, biking and backpacking are allowed on specific areas.