Plastic Soup Containers for Chinese Restaurants

Plastic soup containers are used in Chinese restaurants and food outlets where ready-to-eat meals or take-out are popular. They are great for take-out orders for wonton, tong sui, subgum, egg drop, shark fin soup, Buddha jumps or other kinds of Chinese soup.

Versatile Models of Plastic Soup Containers

User-friendly Chinese containers serve all kinds of soup serving needs and are available in various models and capacities ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz. Popular models include:

  • Clear Plastic Round Deli Containers W Lids 32 oz
  • Clear Plastic Round Deli Containers W Lids 16 oz
  • Clear Plastic Round Deli Containers W Lids 8 oz
  • Clear Plastic Round Deli Containers W Lids 26 oz
  • DELItainer Round Plastic Food Container 32 oz
  • DELItainer Round Container w Lid – 8 oz

Plastic Soup Containers with Superior Features

Chinese plastic containers which come with a range of user-friendly features:

  • Quality Make – The plastic containers come in clear polyethylene make so that the contents are easily visible
  • Microwaveable – Most models of these take-out solutions are microwaveable. This ensures that customers can enjoy the soup at the right temperature
  • Freezer Safe – The containers are also safe for use in freezer, so that the stored food can be frozen and stored for later use
  • Grease Resistant – Good quality plastic deli containers are grease-resistant
  • Air-tight – The containers come with tight-fitting lids that help maintain the freshness of the contents and prevent spillage.

The DELItainer containers can conveniently hold products as varied as soup, stews and nuts. The standard lid size fits all containers.

Online stores are the best place to shop for plastic soup containers for Chinese restaurants. You can look at various models and choose the ones that suit your needs.